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Posted on 26 October, 2021 at 15:40

Just because you have always done something a certain way does not necessarily make it right.... it also does necessarily not make it wrong. But it could.


As a dance teacher, over time, even decades I have seen the way certain basics of different dances are taught changed by different teachers with the intent of correcting a common problem as they see it. My first thought was.... wow.... great idea. Until over time the side effects of those changes reveal themselves.


Often times the correction of one problem causes even more or even potentially greater problems than the original problem or problems that you originally fixed or "THINK" you fixed.

This sometimes leads to more and more changes to "THAT" OR "THOSE" basics. When that happens the original dance no longer looks or feels like that dance. OOOPS ! RUT ROW !


If you are a teacher of anything... It's ok to question is there a better way. However.... can we try to not alter the entire structure of the dance ?


Here is a thought.... Instead of changing the basic pattern or figure.....How about as teachers "WE" just try to become a better teacher by finding a way to say it more accurately, to show or demonstrate it more accurately. To be willing do what ever it is that we have to do to get the student to do the pattern or figure the original way or as close to the original way as possible. To be willing to say or describe the required movements or actions however we need to in order to get the students to understand.


Sometimes this requires stepping outside of your comfort zone.

Sometimes we have to ask ourselves another question. Do we want to be politically correct with our words or do we want results. Do you want to be nice or do you want to be effective ? Sometimes the moment, the circumstances or the particular student or the time you have does not allow you to have both. 


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