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Conversing THRU Connection

Posted on 16 January, 2012 at 13:21 Comments comments (254)
I speak of these things often in private lessons as well as group classes and workshops. But here it is again summed up clearly in an article by a friend and colleague Mr. Micheal Kiehm. Enjoy and learn ! I am always available for private lessons to help you with this.
by Michael Kiehm on Monday, January 16, 2012 at 12:33am

This weeks topic is "conversing thru connection"

You need the following traits to be considered an advanced dancer in any style of dance.

Excellent technique (footwork, lead/follow)
Precise timing control
Total Space awareness (between you and you partner, and the physical space you are dancing in)
Superior balance (controlled placement of body over feet)
A high level of knowledge of the particular dance style
Acute sense of musicality and the imagination to be creative.
an adaptable connection (to know how much to use)

One factor that is commonly overlooked, is "Emotion thru connection". This is where you let your partner feel not just "What your doing", but "what or how your feeling" while your leading or following, whichever the case.

It's not uncommon after having an incredibly inspiring dance with someone, that I would ask "what are you thinking about while we are dancing, that makes it so easy for me to be very creative or keenly in touch with you?????". The replies seem to be consistent. The partner usually just says, "I want YOU to feel how much I enjoy the movements I am creating with the music". They would also add, "Because you don't rush me, I feel I have time to be more expressive and creative. So I want you to feel what I feel, so you will continue to dance this way with me"

Besides the obvious physical connections of leverage and compression, emotional connection is right at the top on my list of concepts to improve on!

The next time your on the dance floor, try emoting thru your connection. Hopefully, your partner will be paying attention.


Posted on 24 June, 2011 at 10:17 Comments comments (297)
Posture, Posture, Posture
   Having a little time today to think about technique and how each thing.. sometimes even the smallest thing  when done consistently can improve your dance tremendously.
   When judging I often see the new dancers strugggling with the same issues I struggled with.. one of the biggest issues is Posture... Stand up people !!
     Whether dancing, running, walking or sitting good posture offers enormous benefits... not just for your dancing but for your health too !!
It increases your balance, control, timing and your ability to easily move from one position to another as well as enhance your ability to connect consistently and effectively with a partner it also helps prevent one from taking steps that are to big..... 
Posture and proper timing are the keys to making easy transitions from one pattern or movement to the next regardless if you are leading or following.. tremendous benefits for both !!
Take a private lesson some time from the most well known instructor you can.. to learn more about it... if you can apply it... your dancing as well as many other things in your life will improve..