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Posted on 18 March, 2011 at 10:30 Comments comments ()
None of us are perfect in how we act or conduct business...least of all me....speaking for myself.. with over 25 years in the dance business....
Most of the established professional dancers/ instructors over 25 already go by an unwritten courtesy code...and there are teacher certification programs out there that teach proper well as how to be a good teacher....however.. if one's ego is to large to go thru something like that or if they are too young to realize the importance of it..... ethical conduct may or may not ever be learned or practiced. If those people were big corporations rather than individuals the government would be all over them insisting on reform.
Coming from and having experienced corporporate America thru mergers, acquisitions, layoffs, etc and all the beaurocracy that goes with well as all that goes on in the dance business..that is visible to the public as well as what goes on behind the scenes which is completely unknown to the average dancer....
I believe regardless of what we do in life... we really have two main choices...right or wrong...if we choose what is right and correct.. ? do we choose just what is right for ourselves indvidually which to many would be the selfish course of action and can still be construed as wrong or at the very least politically incorrect....OR.... do we choose what is right for everyone involved ? For myself...Whenever possible the later is and will always be the logical best and only choice.